Photoelectric Beam Detector NRAQS series


The synchronized Quad beams based on high technique are designed for eliminate false and miss alarms.

Main features are as follows.

1)Quad beams detection.
Four (4) synchronized pulsed infrared beams ensure ultimate stability in any   applications.
They eliminate false alarms by small animals, falling leaves, insects and other small objects

2)Double modulated beams

Double modulated beams eliminate influence of External Light and Electro Magnetic Interference

3)EDC (Environmental Discrimination Circuit)

When the beam reception level is severely dropped in heavy fog, snow or rain, they often cause unwanted alarm activations.
In case of such conditions, environmental trouble signal is output to distinguish from intrusion. EDC gives additional stability in harsh environment.

4)100 times sensitivity allowance

Stable operation is maintained even if 99% of beam energy is lost by fog, snow, frost, insect and etc.

5)Easy optical alignment

Three alignment methods are available and they achieve easy and quick installation.
Scope, LED, Volt meter

6)High IP rate

IP66 is achieved and protect insode of housing from rain, snow, dust, ect.

7) No blocking sheet

When upper or lower beams are aligned, it is not necessary to cover other beams by the blocking sheet.

8)More features for stable operation.

Selection Tips

1. Quad beam detector is more reliable than Dual beam detector.
   It is recommended for Important facility, e.g. Air port, Sea port, Plant, Factory,
   Military base, etc.

2. Long distance application.


Power Input voltage DC10.5V ~ 28V
Current draw 90mA 95mA 100mA 120mA 124mA 128mA
Temp & humid Operation temp & humid -25℃~+60℃ RH95% or less
Storage temp & humid -30℃~+70℃ RH95% or less
Beam Detection range outdoor
Available for both AND / OR mode
60m 120m 200m 60m 120m 200m
Maximum arrival distance
Available for both AND / OR mode
600m 1200m 2000m 600m 1200m 2000m
Frequency selection 1ch 2 Group x 4 Channels
Sensitivity allowance at outdoor range 100 times
Beam modulation Dual Modulation
Interruption time 40~500msec
Optical module Horizontal : ±90゜/ Vertical : ±10゜
Auto gain control Available
Output Alarm output Form Form 1c (Non-voltage contact)
Period 2 Seconds
Contact capacity DC30V, 0.2A (Resistor load)
Registor 3.0Ω or less
Tamper output Form Form 1b (Non-voltage contact)
Period Open when Cover is open
Contact capacity DC30V, 0.1A (Resistor load)
Resistor 3.0Ω or less
Form Form 1b (Non-voltage contact)
Period Open when EDC is working
Contact capacity DC30V, 0.2A (Resistor load)
Resistor 3.0Ω or less
Mount Wall or pole (φ38mm~φ42.7mm)
IP rate IP66
Dimention W103xH398xD99
Weight Tx: 1.2kg  Rx: 1.2kg
Color Black / Munsell N1.0




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