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Regulations and Exclusion Clauses for Atsumi Electric Co., Ltd. website
Atsumi Electric Co., Ltd. (hereunder called Atsumi), require that all the visitors to our website observe following rules strictly. By accessing the website, you imply your acceptance of these terms.
If you do not accept these Terms of Use in their entirety, you may not access this site.
1. Laws and Regulations
Use of the website is subject to all valid international, federal, state and local laws and regulations.
2.Copyrights and Trademarks
The trademarks, logos and any other service marks used on the website belong to Atsumi and respective owners. Users are prohibited from using any marks for any reason without the written authorization of Atsumi and respective owners. All data and contents including any software available on the website are protected by copyrights. Users are prohibited from modifying, duplicating, delivering, transmitting, publishing, offering, licensing, or producing similar products for commercial or private purposes.
3. No Guarantees
All contents, products, and services on the website, or acquired from a website to which the website is linked are provided to you without warranty and guarantee of any kind either express or implied including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and condition for a particular intention, heading, non-infringement, safety or correctness.
Atsumi does not approve and is not in charge for the correctness or reliability of any opinion, suggestion or declaration made through the website by any party other than Atsumi, and for any content supplied on linked websites or the facilities or reliability of any product or service acquired from a linked website.
Other than as required under applicable consumer protection law, under no condition Atsumi will be responsible for any failure or damage caused by reliance on information acquired through the website or linked website, or reliance on any product or service required on linked websites. It is the duty of the user to evaluate the correctness, comprehensiveness or effectiveness of any opinion, information or other content available on the website, or acquired from linked websites. Please look for the proper advice of experts, regarding the assessment of any particular opinion, advice, product, service, or other material.
4. Restrictions of Liability for Use of the Website
The information, software, products and images of services available on the website or linked websites may include inexactness or literal errors, and Atsumi specifically specifically rejects any liability for such inexactness or errors. Atsumi does not guarantee or represent that the content on the site is complete or updated. Atsumi has no responsibility for updating any content on the website. Atsumi may modify the information on the website at any time without notice. Atsumi may make improvement or modification to the website at any time.
You agree that Atsumi, its associates and any of their respective officials, managers, staffs, or representatives will not be liable, whether in agreement, tort, strict liability or otherwise, for any indirect, punitive, particular, significant, supplementary or indirect damages (including without restriction lost profits, cost of procuring replacement service or lost opportunity) occurring out of or in relation to use of the website or linked websites, or with the postponement or failure to use the website or linked websites, even if Atsumi is aware of the possibility of such damages. This restriction on liability includes, but is not restricted to, the circulation of any viruses, failure of mechanical or electronic devices, or communication lines, phone or other communication problems (For example: can not access ISP), illegal access, theft, operative errors, strikes or other industry problems. Atsumi does not guarantee constant, uninterrupted or protected access to the website.
5. Privacy of User Communications
Except as required by law and in accordance with the Atsumi Internet privacy statement, Atsumi will preserve the privacy of all user communications which include personal information and which are sent out directly to Atsumi. Atsumi may use and offer information contained in any such postings (including any ideas, notions, technologies or other intellectual properties) to any of its parent company, , its subsidiary companies, and affiliate companies for any purpose whatever and as deemed proper by Atsumi.
Users must be aware that linked websites may contain privacy provisions that are different from the provisions provided in this. Atsumi is not responsible for such provisions, and particularly disclaims any and all liability associated with such provisions.
6. Linked Websites
Atsumi forbids caching, illegal hyperlinks to the website, and the framing of any information on the website. Atsumi reserves the right to disable any illegal links or framing and particularly disclaims any responsibility for the content available on any linked websites. Access to any linked websites is at the user's personal risk.
Users must be aware that linked websites may have policies and regulations, privacy provisions, personal information transmission provisions, and other provisions that are different from that of this website. Atsumi has no liability for such provisions, and particularly disclaims any and all liability associated with such provisions.
7. Personal Information Transmission
Users recognize and agree that by providing Atsumi with any private or proprietary user information through this website, user consents to the transmission of such private or proprietary user information over international limitations as needed for dispensation associated with Atsumi standard business.
Users must be aware that linked websites may have personal information transmission provisions, and other provisions that are different from that of this website. Atsumi has no liability for such provisions, and particularly disclaims any and all liability associated with such provisions.
8 .Changes to Regulations
Atsumi reserves the right to update these regulations at any time, and deems that users are apprised of and bound by any changes to these regulations.
9. Violations of Regulations
Atsumi Electric reserves the right to search for all preparations available at law and in equity for violations of these regulations, including the right to restrict particular accesses to the website.
10. Access to Password-Protected Areas
Access to and use of password-protected areas on this website is limited to allowed users only. Illegal users who attempt to access these areas may be subject to prosecution.
11. Use of Cookies
Atsumi reserves the right to store data on computer as "cookie" files or similar files for purposes of modifying the website to reproduce preferences of users. The Atsumi Internet privacy statement provides supplementary information regarding Atsumi's use of cookies as well as measures for disabling "cookie".
12. Member ship
You are accepted as the member of Atsumi Web Site Member after register on this web site.
The password and unique customer ID are provided to you. These password and ID are allowed only for use of the registered person.
When Atsumi has the damage by use of previous items hereto, Atsumi may accuse on this matter.
You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and ID.
You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account number, account name, and/or password, if applicable. You are responsible for damages resulting from all uses of your account number, account name, and/or password, whether actually or expressly authorized by you, unless access to your account number, account name, and/or password was obtained through no fault or negligence of your own.
Personal information that you provide are securely managed by Atsumi.
However Atsumi may disclose following cases.
  1. Accepted by the registered customer
  2. Requested by laws
13. Question
In case you don't think above privacy policy is not observed, please contact following address.
This regulation is available as of March.20, 2004
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