ZERO Watcher IR81A


Indoor PIR Detector IR81A (Volumertric zone)

1. Adopted 4 mirrors & 2 sensors system first in industry ! 

  Achieved ZERO false alarm under different environment by following unique


  1) Separating the function of two mirrors for long range and other two mirrors for short range.

  2) Dividing each detection zone into two, one is for higher position and other is for lower position.

      The small animal is not detected at these higher and lower position zone simultaneously.

  3) Shifting the two higher and lower position zone horizontally.

  Above three technologies complement each other and eliminate any alarms by small animals and other objects.


2. Adjustable detection area

    Detection direction and distance are adjustable.

  • Horizontal range : 12m, 90 degree,
  • Height: 2.3m – 4m

3. Extra wide mode

Detection range can be extend up to 15m.

  • Horizontal range : 15m, 90 degree,

  • Height: 2.3m – 4m

4. Compact body

      Restrictions on the installation are reduced, and it becomes inconspicuous.

  • Diameter : 125mm

5. Seal tight

      Eliminate a gap of the cover and body thoroughly and does not allow the invasion of insects and wind which is a factor of false alarms.

6.  One touch installation

     The body can be removed from the base easily so that the installation and adjustment is easy.

7.  Tamper

     It is possible to fix the release button by the lock screw so that not to be able to remove the body without the use of a tool.


Selection Tips

High reliable application for the indoor ceiling mount.



Model name PIR detector
Model number IR81A IR82A
Input voltage  DC9 ~ 28V (No Polarity)
Current consumption  8 mA (Max.)
Operation temp. & humidity  -20 ~ +50℃ less than 95% RH
Storage temp. & humidity  -20 ~ +60℃ less than 95% RH

Detection Area

height : 4m

Standard  12m  85°  20m 9.5°
Extra wide  15m  85°  25m   9.5°
Detection zone (Sector)  17 pairs (68)  7.5 pairs (30)
Detection method  Passive Infrared
Indication LED at power on

 Alarm (Red) flashes

 (1  time / Sec )

at detection  Alarm (Red) lights
Memory  Memory (Orange) lights
Self diag.

 Alarm (Red) flashes

  (1 time / Sec) 

Alarm out

( 1a / 1b )

Output time  2 / 1 Sec selectable
Relay spec  DC30V 0.1A (Resister load)
Output resistor  Less than 4.5 Ω
Detection Speed  0.3m - 2.0 m/Sec
Detection sensitivity  1.5℃ (2.0℃ at Extra wide mode)
Mirror adjustment  27° Vertical direction
Installation place  Ceilling ( height : 2.3m - 4.0m)
Weight  190g
Color  White