TriWatcher SIR10SA Anti-Masking model


Anti-Masking feature is added to SIR10S for securer protection.

  • ◆Anti-Masking Detection
    In case that Lens is masked, Anti-Masking is output and 2LEDs flashes.
  • ◆Volumetric (Wide) angle
    With wide angle, the unit is installed at a high place (2.0 ‒ 3.0m), which allows multipurpose application.
    In addition, installing at a high place prevents vandalism.
  • ◆Pet alley
    With pet alley, the unit does not detect movements of objects that are lower than the height installed.
    It is ideal for residences that keep big pets in the garden.
  • ◆Unwanted external-light-proof performancebr /> By adopting a special visible-light cut filter, the unit considerably blocks external lights such as sunlight or car headlights, etc.
  • ◆Equipped with newly designed spherical Fresnel lens
    Adopting spherical Fresnel lens has made an improvement on the unit’s non-detect performance of small objects such as small animals, etc.
    Also, use of polyethylene for its material effectively prevents things from sticking on its surface, such as snow, frost, or even bird or insect droppings, thus enabling to maintain its high precision performance.
  • ◆2 LED indicators that provide easy operation check and also warning effects
    Equipped with 2 LEDs on the front of the body unit .When detection occurs, the LEDs will light up, thus producing deterrence effects against intruders.
  • ◆Robust housing resistant to outdoor environment
    With adoption of weather-resistant grade plastic and ingress protection structure (IP55), you can rest assured for outdoor installation.
  • ◆Optional Accessories
    ●SIR-TP Back tamper : In case that TriWatcher is removed from the wall, it outputs Back tamper alarm. (This is not available for the pole mount installation)
    ● PMK1 Pole mount kit : This is used for the pole mount installation.

Selection Tips

If you have a problem with False Alarms outdoor, TriWatcher is the best choice. TirWatcher method eliminates any False Alarms but detects any Human. SIR10SA is Anti-Masking model of SIR10S. You can select Volumetric mode ( High mount 2.4m) and Pet alley mode (Low mount 1.0m) to match various applications


Model            SIR10S                 SIR10SA
Input voltage 9-28VDC
Current draw 30mA(Max) 35mA(Max)
Operating temp. / humid. -25~+50℃ RH95% or less
Storage temp. / humid. -30~+60℃ RH95% or less
Wide angle Detection area, zonez 12m, 84゜(mounting height 2.0~3.0m), 47 pairs (94 sectors) 
Pet alley Detection area, zonez 12m, 84゜(mounting height 0.8~1.2m), 29 pairs (54 sectors)
Detection method Passive infared method
LED indicators Self-diagnosis LED(red)  Flashes (1/sec)
Power-on & Warming-up LED(red)  Flashes (1/sec)
Alarm LED(red)  Light up (light off setting available)
Anti-masking LED(red)  Flashes (5/sec) 
Precaution LED(red)  Fashes (1/2.5 sec)
Alarm output Contact form 1b
Output period One-shot 3 sec.
Rated load 30VDC, 0.1A (resistance load)
Output resistance 3.0 Ωor less
Tamper output Contact form 1b
Output period Open while the lower cover opens
Rated load 30VDC, 0.1A (resistance load)
Output resistance 3.0Ω or less
Anti-Masking output Contact form 1b
Output period N/A Open while the masking is performed.
Rated load N/A 30VDC, 0.1A (resistance load)
Output resistance N/A 3.0Ω or less
Sensitivity 50 - 150% selectable
Detection mode AND
Pulse count 1/2/3/4 pulses selectable
Optical adjustment Horizontal direction : ±45゜
Installation Indoor / outdoor, on wall or pole
IP rate IP55
Weight 800g
Color White (DIC G-21)




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