Red Barrier series Photoelectric Beam Detectors


Dual beam detector with 4 frequency selectable.

Selectable frequency 4 channels : Stacking, Straight line, Square or other various applications are allowed.

  • Range : Outdoor 30m / 60m / 90m,
    Indoor 60m / 120m / 180m

  • Dual beams : Offers stable operation without false and miss alarms.

  • Newly designed spherical fresnel lens : Makes the very sharp beam ray and contributes to achieve the high performance features.

  • Easy optical alignment : 3 methods are adopted. For rough alignment : Scope, and for precise alignment : LED and Volt meter.

  • EDC ( Environmental Discrimination circuit ) : Beam reception level is severely dropped in heavy fog, snow and rain, often causes false alarms. EDC signal is output when the beam receiving power down.

  • IP55 : Protect the inside of the detector from rain, snow, dust, sand and other objects which comes inside.

  • Unique knockout structure : Allows the surface wiring keeping IP55.

Selection Tips

Dual beam detector for stable operation.
4 frequency channels are selectable for stacking, straight line, etc. .
High cost performance comparing with Quad beams for short range application.


Model NR30TS/60TS/90TS NR30TM/60TM/90TM
Input voltage DC10.5V~28V NO-Polarity
Current draw Tx:15mA/27mA/38mA,Rx:24mA Tx:15mA/24mA/31mA,Rx:64mA
Operating temperature and humidity  -25℃~+55℃ RH95% or less
Storage temperature and humidity -30℃~+65℃ RH95% or less
Protection range 30m/60m/90m (outdoor), 60m/120m/180m (Indoor)
Sensitivity allowance 100 times
Interruption time 50mesc~700msec 50msec~900msec
Aligment angle Horizontal : ±90℃       : Vertical :±5℃
Auto gain control Available
Channel 1ch Selectable Frequency 4ch
Alarm 1c, DC30V, 0.1A, Retention time 1 Sec.
Tamper 1b, DC30V, 0.1A,  While the cover is opened.
EDC N/A 1b, DC30V, 0.1A,
Retention time 1 Sec.
Indicators Power Tx : LED lights when the power is ON.
Alarm LED lights when the alarm outputs.
EDC N/A LED lights when the EDC outputs.
Optical alignment Rough Scope
Fine LED lights according to the beam power
Fine Voltage output for the voltmeter
IP rate IP55
Dimensions W77xH177xD83
Weight 760g (Tx, Rx total)
Color Black, Munsell approx. N1.0
Standard CE, RoHs, CCC



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