Microwave Detector


High performance Microwave detector protect your important facility.

This Microwave detector is useful for High security purpose.

There is no effect by Fog, Sun or Car light and the combination with Beam detector achieves higher performance.


(1) Less than 1m width of detection-zone from the axis between Transmitter and Receiver.

(2) Operating frequency: 24GHz (K band)

(3) Easy graphical programming interface by PC, Tablet

(4) Addressable (max: 256 channels)

(5) 250 operating frequencies, in 1MHz steps

(6) Digital settings and operation

(7) Temperature : -40 ℃ - +65 ℃

Selection Tips

High security protection is required like Power plant, Military base, Airport, Sea port, Governmental facility, etc.

  • The place where heavy fog, strong Sun or Car head light are cause of false alarm of Beam detector.

  • Narrower detection area is required than 10GHz Microwave products.


Model MW100K MW200K MW300K
Input voltage DC12V - 36V
Current draw  12V/24V/36V
  а) transmitter unit   128mA/61mA/56mA
  b) receiver unit  170mA/85mA/ 56mA
Detection range 100m 200m 300m
Operation temp & humidity - 40℃ - +65℃ RH95% or less
Operating frequency 24.001-24.250 GHz
Selectable Frequency  250 ch
Selectable network address 256 ch
Signal level at the rated distance 8 dB
Detection zone height  MW200K   6.56ft / 2.0 m
Detection speeds  1.64 / 6.56 / 32.81 ft./s
0.5 / 2 / 10 m/s
Recovery time after notification of an alarm 10 s
Parameters of signal, switched with the contacts of the  output circuit:  
-          maximum current, constant or alternate  30mA
-          maximum amplitude voltage 72V
Relay contact signal parameters:  
-          maximum input resistance of the circuit 5 Ω
-          impulse voltage 10-30 V
-          maximum impulse duration 0.5 s
Signal duration 5 s
Overall dimensions of 3.9x9.1x7.1 in./
unit with bracket: 100x230x180 mm
Weight of the packaged detector   4 Lbs./1.8 kg